My Mission

I created this blog to inform others about the effects of current and future healthcare legislation on consumers and other stakeholders in the industry. I do my best to be as neutral as possible so that I can just give you the facts and let you make your own opinions. 

I hope that my blog is able to address your concerns and teach you some new things about healthcare that you did not know about. Most importantly, I hope that you pass along the knowledge you learn here to help others and this world.

Let’s do big things, not only to create progress, but to create purpose.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard 2017 Commencement Speech

What I hope to achieve

  • Educate people about the effects of healthcare legislation 
  • Show that healthcare intersects with many different fields (e.g. bioethics and healthcare)
  • Invite people to write articles with me or submit their own
  • Answer questions that people may have