Spotlight Post: Right vs. Privilege

The debate of the century. Is healthcare a right or privilege? You and I may have our differing opinions, but for now I am just here to present the two sides and the arguments behind them. As you know, the U.S. does not see healthcare as a right, so not everybody has health insurance. 

The tricky part is that the Constitution does not explicitly state whether healthcare is a right or privilege. In fact, healthcare is not even mentioned in the Constitution. So really, this debate revolves around peoples' opinions on healthcare. 

Privilege: people who say that healthcare is a privilege view healthcare as a commodity. If you can afford it, then you can have it. To help those who cannot afford healthcare, people have suggested to create more jobs for them so that they can use that money to afford healthcare. In addition, people believe that healthcare should be a privilege and not a right because they are not fans of the concept of paying for other peoples' care if they cannot afford it. 

Right: people who say that healthcare is a right believe that it should be provided even if the person cannot afford the care. They say that not providing care is a moral issue and that it can be seen as violating human rights. The government should be meddling in this situation by being the one who provides care to all. Even President F.D.R., proposed a Second Bill of Rights that said that every American should have the right to healthcare, but America was not keen on that idea. 

So which one is it? Is it a right or a privilege? To me, I think that if we can find a solution to this debate, then maybe we will be able to fix our healthcare system. After all, isn't the only reason we keep changing our healthcare laws is because one side believes that it is a right and the other believes that it is a privilege? This constant changing only provides instability for the American people, which only causes them to fear that they might lose their healthcare coverage. 

Sound off in the comments. What do you think healthcare is? Right or privilege? Why?