I will be posting articles for you guys to check out and sometimes links to documentaries. If you have any article/video you want to suggest, then feel free to send them to me!


Sick around the World

Even now and then, I will post a link to a documentary related to the healthcare field. "Sick Around The World" is a phenomenal documentary because it compares the healthcare delivery systems across countries and shows the benefits and faults of each one. People keep saying that the U.S. should become a single-payer system and have universalized healthcare. Sounds great but how do we get there? This documentary shows how universal healthcare in different countries impacts the many stakeholders. 


aca vs ahca.jpg

ACA vs. American Healthcare Act

The Kaiser Foundation also wrote a great summary comparing the ACA and the American Healthcare Act that shows the key differences between the two. You can also add another plan to see how it would be different from the ACA and the American Healthcare Act. It is a long read, but there is a lot to be learned in this article. 


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Affordable Care Act

For those of you who want to read more about the ACA and how it affected the consumer marketplace and other stakeholders, then below is a link to a great summary by the Kaiser foundation. Even though the ACA might be repealed and replaced it still is good to know why the Republicans want to do so and how it helped and hurt different consumers.