The historical Healy Hall


It all started when...

I took a class my freshman year called "Healthcare in America". It was two and a half hours long on a Friday. Upperclassmen had always told me that this was THE class to take during my Georgetown years. People had nothing but praise for this class and professor, but I was skeptical. Healthcare never sounded interesting to me, and I always shied away from it because I could never understand it. 

Thirteen weeks later, and I came out of the class with a different mindset. Healthcare was definitely the field I wanted to go into. I felt fortunate enough to have been able to have taken this class to understand the intricacies in the healthcare industry. I knew that I would not retain all of the information but the least I could do was to inform everybody else about anything pertaining to healthcare. 

And so, that was how Monthly Dose of Healthcare was born. I plan to post about legislations and their impacts, important terms to know, articles to check out, and answer any questions that you may have. 

I hope that you will find this blog helpful and maybe even become to love healthcare as much as I do!